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10 Off The Grid Sites to Visit in Washington, DC (that will set your social media profile on fire).

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

If you are visiting Washington, D.C., it is unheard of to not visit the White House, memorials, museums and, the Holy Grail, Cherry Blossom trees at the Tidal Basin. Sharing your travel experiences with friends via social media is also a must and the cooler the picture, the cooler the trip.

Aerial view of the National Mall

I would like to let you in on a little secret. If you walk a few blocks, north, south, east or west of the main stays, you will find even more interesting sites that will beat out a picture of you pretending to hold the Washington Monument between your index finger and thumb. Here is a look at our favorite photogenic, off the grid, locations that will have everyone double-tapping. While traveling, be sure to download BeeLine Trip Planner to plan your visits and help make the most of your time so that you can see it all.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park

1. Dr. Carter G. Woodson statue – The Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park is a quaint park, located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC, where Dr. Woodson lived. The words “The Father of Black History” are inscribed in the stone that serves as the base for the bronze statue. The park is located near the historic Howard Theatre and Howard University.

2. Key Bridge – The Francis Scott Key Bridge is situated above the Potomac River, connecting the neighborhoods of Rosslyn (Virginia) and Georgetown. Talk about views! Take in the sights of Georgetown University, the waterfront, Rosslyn skyline, and beyond. The sunbeams bouncing off of the Potomac gives beautiful lighting for your photos. Pedestrian access can be found at 34th and M Streets, N.W.

3. Chinatown Barnes Dance – located at the intersection of 7th & H Streets, N.W. The Chinatown Barnes Dance is quite popular. It has even hosted a wedding ceremony. You’ll have about 45 seconds to snap your pictures before the light changes, so think about your poses ahead of time. A little Abbey Road inspo?

National Capitol Columns

4. U.S. National Arboretum – An agricultural haven in the concrete jungle. Visit the Arboretum to see dozens of flowers, trees, plants, and the aquatic animals that call it home. The website states that this is where science meets beauty (great tagline). You can also find the coveted Cherry Blossom tree here (but without the crowds) and original columns built for the U.S. Capitol (pictured above).

Great Falls National Park

5. Great Falls Park – Located in Northern Virginia, a visit to Great Falls Park will require a car but it is well worth the rental fee and the $10 parking fee. The waterfalls are described as majestic. Spend the day hiking and taking in the views. No one will believe that you traveled only thirty minutes outside of DC to capture such beautiful scenery.

6. The Mansion on O Street – Entry starts at $15 to gain access to this unassuming, 30,000 square foot mansion of endless photo opportunities. There are 100 rooms, 70 secret doors, and a nostalgic trinket for everyone. DC is known as a serious town, so if you are looking for some quirkiness, irony, humor, and charm, The Mansion on O Street is a great place.

7. Embassy Row – Massachusetts Avenue is where Washington’s elite once lived. These beautiful homes are now the residences of diplomats. Each home has beautiful architecture with their country’s flag proudly hanging. See if you can guess them all. If you would like to see inside, the Embassies have pretty full social calendars, so try to RSVP for a few!

8. Carnegie Library – Sadly, you will no longer find books here. In fact, it is the future location of an Apple Store. Constructed in 1903, you will find beautiful architecture consisting of multiple stairways, sharp angles, high archways, and green spaces to compliment various photo ops. It’s also a historic building, being the first desegregated building in Washington, DC.

Dupont Underground corridor

9. The Dupont Underground – I mean…an abandoned, underground, rail station? Graffiti? It’s perfect.

The Einstein Memorial

10. Albert Einstein statue – This 12-foot tall statue of Albert Einstein was erected by the National Academy of Sciences in honor of the scientist’s 100th birthday. It is located on the grounds of NAS, just beyond the National Mall. Get your introspective captions ready!


Each location is programmable into BeeLine Trip Planner by name, no addresses needed. Once you’ve gotten your best shot, be sure to use the Services feature in BeeLine Trip Planner to find a nearby eatery for some free WiFi and a bite to eat while you mull over the best angles and captions.

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