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Curating Moments With Your Travel Group

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

When I decided to write a travel blog to compliment my app, BeeLine Trip Planner, I wanted to cover a range of subjects. One of my favorite travel sub-topics is how travelers capture their vacation moments. Hand-held technology and social media have upped the ante and created a shift in the quality of content being shared. Vacation pictures are not just about posing with your finger positioned atop the pyramids in front of the Louvre Museum anymore (but don't stop taking those pictures because they are really cute).

I don’t know who started it but it's become really popular and I absolutely love it. Seeing a photo of a group of friends on vacation, all in formation, looking absolutely stunning and sophisticated always makes me smile (see gallery). In fact, these are more than photos, these are moments. Moments that you have to hashtag as #FriendshipGoals and #VacationGoals. I always look at the picture and wonder which friend is the rockstar that curated this moment? Who, in this fabulous group of friends, researched the location, chose a theme, sent the group texts, and got everyone on board? They certainly deserve applause for their thoughtfulness and effort.

Below is a gallery of groups that nailed their moments:

If you are like me and really in to this, here are a few tips to help you curate a moment for your travel group:

Tip 1. Location. Location? Location!: If you are incorporating a landmark, research the area before you go and have a nearby back-up just in case. Upon arrival, check with your host or hotel concierge to confirm that the location is properly depicted online so that you are not disappointed when you get there.

Tip 2. Go early: Make this your first order of business for the day. Highly populated areas may prevent you from getting the shot that you desire and everyone will be anxious to get their vacation started, so don’t keep them waiting.

Tip 3. Setting up: If you are not hiring a professional photographer, bring a collapsible tripod with you. Depending on your device (be it an iPhone or a digital camera), Amazon has many to choose from at various sizes and price points. Find one that will store easily in a backpack. If you are interested in hiring a photographer, your host or hotel concierge may be a great resource. You can also search Instagram using the name of the place you are traveling to + photographer/photography (e.g. #CancunPhotographer #CancunPhotography) to find someone.

Tip 4. Attire: This can be the trickiest piece. Themes are great but if it's a larger group, go for subtlety to avoid anyone from feeling like they can't participate for one reason or another. Make it easy with color ranges (greens and blues, reds and pinks, oranges and yellows) or even florals. Your friends will appreciate showing their individual style, while still participating as a member of the group.

Use the gallery for inspiration and feel free to share additional tips in the comments. And remember to download BeeLine Trip Planner for your next trip!

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