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Vacation Offenders: Are these culprits in your travel group?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Have you ever been on vacation with a group only to realize everyone has wildly different ideas about how they plan to spend their time? It's amazing, honestly. You know these people well. You've spent countless hours together and share the same interests. Then, you take a trip together and you're strangers all of a sudden.

What to expect from your travel group may depend on the location. Vacationing in a sleepy beach town may evoke different behaviors than traveling to a place known for its excitement. Everyone has probably offended once in their travels. It's just the nature of the offense that determines whether it is a high crime or misdemeanor.

In no specific order, here is a list of some of the worst offenders:

The Extreme Relaxer/Sleeper:

"I'm just going to hang out at the hotel." Granted, this person may work extremely hard and they may have kids that won't allow them to get much sleep. But why pay money on travel just to get some sleep? Their idea of a vacation is spending the bulk of their time in the hotel, even when there are new adventures waiting for them just beyond the lobby.

Ruling: Misdemeanor.

Sentence: It might put a damper on the mood when a group member doesn't want to soak up every moment and share in all of the experiences. Don't let your friends down. Plan a group activity. The effort it takes to plan, organize, and execute should get your stamina going.

How can their co-travelers adapt? If your friend isn't in the mood for a certain activity, go it alone. In many cases, you'll meet people during the activity who will welcome you into their circle. And it's a great way to meet people!

The Open Door Policy Holder

Have you ever walked into your rental to see your friend with a group of strangers? Or as they would call them, their new friends? It's always a party over here! Except you have other people sharing the space and the more may not be the merrier.

Sentence: High Crime.

Ruling: Inviting strangers into a shared space, without a heads-up to your group is not cool. The potential danger is obvious and a good travel buddy shouldn't put others in uncomfortable positions. Unless the guests are limited to your personal space, get permission from your friends or meet your new friends at a public location.

How can their co-travelers adapt? The desire to have a good time shouldn't come with risks that aren't agreed upon by all parties. Meet up in a public location to get a feel for the new group and if you're comfortable, take the party back to your place. Better play it safe than be sorry.

The Budgeter:

"How much will that cost?" Some people fly by the seat of their pants on holiday but not this budget-conscious traveler. They've calculated and counted every dollar and any unplanned spending sends them into a spiral. The joy of spontaneity is quickly shut down when the Budgeter whips out their calculator and rains on everyone's parade by refusing to participate in an unplanned/non-budgeted activity.

Ruling: Misdemeanor.

Sentence: Sticking to a budget is noble but everyone doesn't share the same financial obligations. What may be a budget buster for one person may not be a big deal to another. Allow your group to go without you and don't make them feel guilty for it.

How can their co-travelers adapt? As a group, everyone's financial situation should be respected. Don't make this person feel bad for being fiscally responsible. If it's an activity that the group really wants to do as a whole, offer collective contributions to the Budgeter to pay their fee. Also, when possible, discuss the more costly activities well in advance to give them an opportunity to factor it into their budget.

The Drill Sergeant

Most likely the trip organizer, the Drill Sergeant wants to see the fruits of their labor by making sure the group achieves all it set out to do when they agreed to go on vacation together. Schedules are great but there has to be a way to rally the troops without barking orders and becoming frustrated when things do not go as planned.

Ruling: Misdemeanor.

Sentence: You mean well but avoid creating an environment of resentment while on vacation. Take a page out of the Extreme Relaxer's book and enjoy a full day at the pool. No watch or phone and give in to doing nothing. Let the sun be your timekeeper.

How can their co-travelers adapt? No one likes to be bossed around but the organizational efforts of the Drill Sergeant should be appreciated. Try not being annoyed, they only want to make sure you're getting the most out of your time away. Ask for the information in advance using BeeLine Travel App, grab a cup of coffee and go! You'll appreciate your friend later.

The Complainer

Nothing is good enough for this friend. The hotel/rental is crappy, the sun isn't shining bright enough or it's shining too much, the food is bad, their feet hurts. Where does it end? There aren't any silver linings for this one. I'm sure most travelers can tell a story about a trip that was a little disappointing but could it all be bad?

Ruling: High Crime.

Sentence: Make all of the arrangements for the next trip and see how much control you maintain. If you still find things to complain about, you have no one to blame but yourself.

How can their co-travelers adapt? When this friend begins their trek down the path of complaints, stop them right in their tracks. Try to brighten their outlook by turning their attention to the things that are going well. Remind them that, although some things are not ideal, you're all together and as a group you should make the best of it. And if that doesn't work, distance and noise canceling headphones.

The Late Bloomer

The cousin of the Extreme Relaxer/Sleeper and the nemesis of the Drill Sergeant. The Late Bloomer hates being left behind but never makes an effort to be on time. If your regular life is a constant schedule, of course you want to leave the vigor at home. However, don't hold up the rest of the gang with your tardiness.

Sentence: High Crime.

Ruling: Chronic lateness is just rude. Room with the Drill Sergeant and learn some punctuality tips. Traveling unknown areas with a group will always require extra time and no one should be forced into delayed gratification.

How can their co-travelers adapt? Give the Late Bloomer a heads-up of at least an hour and if that doesn't work, let them know that they'll have to catch up with the rest of the group. Use BeeLine Travel App to have a list of location names and addresses in one place and send it to the Late Bloomer using the share feature.

The Bae Watcher

This offender is so deeply in love with their mate that they spend all of their vacation with their head buried in the phone texting and on FaceTime that they really aren't that much fun to be around.

Sentence: Misdemeanor.

Ruling: Limit communications with bae to 2-3x's per day. Let them miss you! Reuniting will be that much greater when there is actually distance. And don't miss out on the vacation by being consumed with what's going on at home.

How can their co-travelers adapt? Are we going to hate on love? No. But remind Bae Watcher of the reasons why they're on vacation to begin with. Assure your friend that all is well at home and taking a break from their everyday routines will be beneficial to everyone.


So, those are our worst offenders and rulings here at BeeLine Travel App. Are there any offensives worst than these? We would love to hear about your group travel stories!

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